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  1. Wheels
    I was in my local petstore the other day, and saw that they were stocking a new brand of wheel- Full Cheeks- and just feeling it in the store I could tell the difference between it and a comfort wheel. I've had it for about a week now, and OH MY GOD I am NEVER going back to comfort wheels!! It...
  2. Wheels
    After Pebbles's old comfort wheel broke and I got a new one, it's been much louder. It's not squeaky, it's more that it thumps and thuds when she runs like the wheel is loose on the axel. It keeps me up at night and it keeps people sleeping down the hall up, too. I don't have enough saved up for...
  3. Wheels
    So originally my hedgehog had a large kaytee comfort wheel and his cage was in my room (https://www.chewy.com/kaytee-comfort-small-animal-exercise/dp/128988). Well the girlfriend moved in and is a light sleeper so she bought him the silent runner wheel...
1-3 of 3 Results