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  1. Color Help
    When I adopted Prue almost two months ago I was told that she is a grey high snowflake by the breeder. I don't really understand what this means:lol: So here is a picture of Prudence. My first question is if that is actually her colour. If so, what about her makes her "grey" and what is the...
  2. Color Help
    She is 6 months old and has had 2 quillings since I've had her, will this be her adult colour? Also what would you call it. Tell me if the pics won't work it's my first time putting them on.
  3. Color Help
    im wondering do baby hedgehogs change colour drastically as they grow older? my hedgehog gave birth to one gorgeous baby (yet to be sexed) its two weeks old and its quills are completely white with no dark colouring anywhere, the mother and father are both reverse pintos with large black...
  4. Color Help
    I'm curious if i were to mate two reverse pinto hedgehogs what would their offsping colour be? I know the female has brothers that are brown. :) dos anyone have experience breeding revers pintos
  5. Color Help
    Peanut's quills are white but it has a light brownish banding but I'm still not sure what she is.
  6. Color Help
    Can anyone tell me their guess on Loki's colouring? I've spent some time trying to compare his colour to others and can't be certain. Thanks in advance for any guesses :)
  7. Color Help
    Hi, I am a new hedgie owner, I have a grey pinto girl and my boyfriend has a high white chocolate girl. We have been researching breeding and it is something we want to consider doing in the future. We like the idea of trying to breed more high whites as they are a bit more unusual. The only...
  8. Color Help
    What colour is teddy his skin colour where his quills are is almost black or even black
1-8 of 8 Results