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  1. Color Help
    I’m bad at identifying but to me she looks like a salt and pepper. Any help is appreciated =]
  2. Fecal & Intestinal issues
    Out of pure curiosity, what is the ideal color, size, and texture for hedgehog poop?
  3. Color Help
    Just picked up this abandoned little sweetie. I know she’s pinto but not sure how else to classify her.
  4. Color Help
    What color is the term "high white"? I received pictures from my breeder today of two girls I am able to chose from and she described one of them as "grey high white" but when I look at the color guide on this forum I am unable to find this terminology. I am aware that their color can change...
  5. Color Help
    So, I made a post about this, but I couldn't figure out how to edit posts, so we're trying again. XD Based on the pictures attached, what color do you think John is? I'm thinking a Chocolate Pinto, as he has white patches (one of them resembled a t-rex when I first got him. XD) Any input is...
  6. Color Help
    I'm really thinking she is. Any thoughts?
  7. Color Help
    Peanut's quills are white but it has a light brownish banding but I'm still not sure what she is.
  8. Breeding & Babies Help
    Some of my hedgies babies ( four days old ) are pretty pink, and others are a lot darker. I'm just curious if that has to do with what color they will be or what it means!
  9. Color Help
    I recently bred my hedgehog piper and my friends hedgehog winston. I wanted to make sure I knew what their colors were so it would help me determine the hoglets color. I'm pretty sure piper and winston are the same color as they look almost identical. I think piper is one of the Algerian colors...
  10. General Questions
    Hi!! I'm a newer hedgie mommy and I'm trying to figure out my little man Scribble's coloring. I'm thinking he's a chocolate chip snowflake but I could be wrong, not really sure what I'm doing haha. I attached some pictures :)
  11. Color Help
    Just curious. I tried to read the guide on how to figure it out but it was confusing! Just wondering if someone experienced out there can tell me :grin:
  12. Color Help
    Its not that important but i'm curious :)
  13. Color Help
    I can't figure out the color of Venera to save my life. Also she has blue scleras. help? Beautiful blue eyes: http://i.imgur.com/sNQP2Mw.jpg http://i.imgur.com/KJJQcp8.jpg Spine color: http://i.imgur.com/gMx3Kdn.jpg thanks!
  14. Color Help
    I'm trying to figure out what color Penny is. I've been trying ever since I got her in January. She has ruby eyes and some totally white quills. Tried to include pictures in natural lighting so it is easier to tell. Anyone good at coloring and want to help me out? P.s. Can't upload pictures...
  15. Color Help
    Hi, i'm having trouble finding callipso's color via the color guide. It looks like a mix of brown and something else because she has blue eyes. Thanks in advance
  16. Color Help
    just wondering his color! I'm a new owner and new to all this:)
  17. General Questions
    Hi all, I've had my hedgie for a little over a month now and in the past few days I've noticed his snout and belly skin have changed color. When I got him, his snout was a light gray/tan and his belly was a pale tan. Recently his belly turned a very light pink and his snout has become a grayish...
  18. Color Help
    My Hedgie Penny is 11 weeks and 3 days old. I want to register her, but im not sure on her color. If anyone could help me that would be great! All I know is that shes a pinto, (she has white patches on her butt and a little on her sides) and she has scattered white quills. I dont know if her...
  19. Cages
    Hi! I just baught a large tub for my future hedgie. I was just sortof worried because it is bold blue color, not a clear tub... I have only seen people use clear ones so I was wondering if the one I have is O.K? Thanks!:)
1-20 of 25 Results