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  1. Color Help
    I’m bad at identifying but to me she looks like a salt and pepper. Any help is appreciated =]
  2. Color Help
    Just picked up this abandoned little sweetie. I know she’s pinto but not sure how else to classify her.
  3. Color Help
    Greetings, I would love for some help in determining the colors/patterns of our hedgies.
  4. Color Help
    This is my reverse pinto, sunny. I was just wondering what type of reverse pinto she was. Thanks!
  5. Color Help
    Hi everyone! Just a question on my boys colour and I will explain why I'm having doubts: I bought him at 7.5 weeks and he was all white/cream He's now 6 months old and going through his quilling, I've noticed some bands on some of his new quills that vary between light brown and dark brown...
  6. Color Help
    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me what color my boy is. His papers say he is Charcoal but the lady said he is a High White. He has a few quills that are banded with a grey/brown near his shoulders only, blue eyes, and a little grey on his shoulders and stomach btw :) I am terrible with...
  7. Color Help
    I wanted to register my hedggie in the International hedgehog registry and I'm stumped about What to put for the color for her. She's a leucistic hedgehog and they don't have that option. Should I put her down as an Albino even though she still have the black eyes?
  8. Color Help
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the world of hedgehog ownership and I was wondering what color my Artemis/Missy is. The person we got her from said she's salt and pepper but according to my findings on this site, a true salt and pepper is rare. Just curious! Mostf her quills are brown/dark gray at the...
  9. Color Help
    just wondering his color! I'm a new owner and new to all this:)
  10. Color Help
    I recently adopted a baby hedgehog that I was told will be a year old in August. I was told he is a Pinto Hedgehog but upon reading the color guide I'm beginning to question if perhaps the original owner was told the wrong breed? He's all white-ish yellow (very faint off white) with a white...
  11. Color Help
    Hello, I was just wondering what color Periwinkle (full name, but I always call her Peri) was. At first, I thought she was a Salt and Pepper, but I found out that that was a very rare color. Now I'm wondering what she is and I'm having trouble figuring it out on my own. She has white quill...
1-12 of 12 Results