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  1. General Questions
    Hello. I came across some videos on YouTube of people giving their hedgies dust baths using chinchilla dust, and I thought it was a great idea. However, after some research I found that this dust can cause URIs and other problems. I was wondering if there alternatives to dust that work. I find...
  2. Health
    I bought this hedgehog last week when I got him he had something stuck to his skin kinda look like poop embedded in his quills. I gave him a bath when we got home but it had not come out. Not really sure what it is or what to do.:confused:
  3. Off Topic
    So I've recently just fell on an article explaining that hedghogs carry salmonella and you need to be very careful. I've had my hedgehog for over a month and never even know this, therefor was never really careful with washing my hands after handling and that. This worries me to know if I was...
  4. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    i've had my brutus for a week now, and i've noticed that he is really messy! he chews with his mouth open and gets crumbs everywhere, and poops all over his cage (even in his water bowl once). i was wondering if there was away to train him to poop in one spot, and to teach him how to eat tidy...
  5. General Questions
    My boys each have their own set ups, and boy oh boy is it harder to clean up after 2 then just one! Any tips from other hedgie mommas with 2 or more babies on how to keep the cleaning easy and quick?
1-5 of 5 Results