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  1. Introductions
    hi everyone! I’ve loved reading all the advice on this site so figured I’d sign up! My wife and I just recently bought an Algerian Cinnamon Hedgehog from a breeder up in Northern VA. Hercules is currently 8 weeks old, and still a little shy and getting adjusted. He loves his wheel and snacking...
  2. Rescue
    I have a hedgie named Harley. I rescued him from a family with his sister, Chie, but she passed away from aggressive tumors in her belly. It was tragic but I did what I could after I got her. I have 2 hedgies in my house after Chie's passing (My first hedgie, Delilah and Harley.) and I can't...
  3. Color Help
    I got Naiya Tuesday, and I'm surprised by how quickly she's adjusted - she loves being held and cuddling, and doesn't seem grumpy at all, except upon waking. But she loves licking and nibbling at people, and every site I've been to says that's strange. She doesn't do it out of fear; she's always...
1-3 of 3 Results