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  1. Housing & Accessories
    So I am setting up my ThumbTack in a bigger cage, with a different wheel, and I also want to switch to fleece liners...should this be done in stages? I have a bit of time before his new cage with pass the safety test...Is be 2 level, so I still have to make sure he wont injure himself off ramps...
  2. Color Help
    im wondering do baby hedgehogs change colour drastically as they grow older? my hedgehog gave birth to one gorgeous baby (yet to be sexed) its two weeks old and its quills are completely white with no dark colouring anywhere, the mother and father are both reverse pintos with large black...
  3. General Questions
    Can someone please help me change my username. Instead of ashlilovespeterquill I would like "PeterQuillsMommy" Thanks in advance!
  4. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Hi all. So I've had Emma (my Hedgie) for almost a week. I understand this is a difficult time for her, in that she is still adjusting, however I am somewhat concerned. Although she hasn't gone on a hunger strike or anything, she does seem to be acting abnormally from the first couple days. The...
  5. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I know it sounds crazy but... I´ve had my hedgehog for like 5 months and he´s been behaving normally (I mean, for a hedgehog...). Last week I was out of town for the weekend and he was home alone for like 48 hours (which he had been couple times before just fine). Since then he seems a lot more...
1-5 of 6 Results