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  1. Wheels
    Live in the Boston area. Looking to sell my blue Carolina Storm wheel. It's well used, about 4 years old. Very well upkept and both my hedgies loved it. Prefer local delivery, no shipping.
  2. Wheels
    Hi guys! I've had my hedgehog for over a year now and shes a fairly large girl, not just in the "fluffy" sense, but just actually a large hedgehog. I used to own a CSBW but the largest size (10.5"currently) is too small for her now. I know there are lots of instructables and DIY's on how to...
  3. Wheels
    I am due to get my first hedgehog at the end of April (she will be 6 weeks old when I get her) and have been looking into Larry T's custom made hedgehog wheels. On the website it says that the Express is recommended for smaller hedgehogs while the Bucket is slightly larger. Since I do not know...
  4. Wheels
    I am looking to get my Hedgehog a new wheel. I would like to purchase one from Carolina Storm Wheel but i'm not sure which one to get. They have three different ones and i want the best one for my little Dexter. Can anyone tell me which one is better, the CSBW, CSE, or CSW? What is the...
  5. Wheels
    Hi all, I am picking up my first hedgehog a week from tomorrow; she will be 8 weeks old. I bought her a Carolina Storm Bucket wheel. The breeder told me I should wait to put the wheel in her cage until she is 12 weeks old. I was very surprised by this because I thought I could put the wheel in...
  6. General Questions
    I wasn't sure if this was a question for the general forum of for the cage, bedding forum. Anyways, my moms hedgehog Maleka uses a large pink Carolina a Storm Wheel and as I watch her try to run on it she's having trouble gripping it to get it to continue going around so she runs one direction...
  7. General Questions
    I want to buy a wheel for the baby I'm getting soon, but shipping seems insane to get the wheel to Canada! Does anyone know where I can get one where it won't break the bank?
  8. Wheels
    Which one is best? And also, should I get it with the litter pan or not? Thank you!!
1-8 of 8 Results