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  1. General Questions
    Hello! Okay, before anyone freaks out, I'm not in California and I don't plan on going anytime soon yet. However, I am getting my hedgie in 2 weeks, and the other day I realized that the state I want to move in when I get my degree, California, has hedgies listed as illegal pets. That's going...
  2. Travel
    My wife and I might have owned a hedgehog for 4 or 5 years and we might be moving to the California near the Bay Area in the not too distant future for a job. I am tempted to bring our hedgehog with us to live the rest of her days, despite hedgehogs being illegal in California. Otherwise the...
  3. Health
    I live in California, Bay Area and am really nervous to find a vet for my baby. Humphry is happy and healthy but I want to have an idea of where to call if something happens, and know they wouldn't take Humphry from me. Ive heard stories of that happening. Anyone have any suggestions of vets in...
1-3 of 5 Results