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  1. Cages
    Hi everyone! I'm a college student thinking about getting another hedgehog when I move off campus next year, and I'm starting to brainstorm cage options. My original plan was to bring my old cage (5x3') to my apartment, but I'm not sure if it will be practical to transport because of its...
  2. Cages
    Hey, sorry i have been posting a lot recently, but I want to make sure all my info is correct before I get the hedgehog. I might be posting a thread for the other things linked in with the housing a hedgehog forum. I have decided on getting an African Pigmy hedgehog(:-D) because I think it...
  3. Cages
    So my hedgehog Doug is in a cage that measures: 33 1/4-Inch long, 18 3/4-inch wide, 22 1/4-inch high with 1-inch wire spacing. I'll add the listing for the exact cage. I see no signs of stress on Doug. Is this large enough? If not what do you recommend, the actual brands other users have would...
  4. Housing & Accessories
    Hi, I currently have a pretty good cage set-up, but I'm worried that it's just a tiny bit too small. I have two 54 qt (about 24x16") sterilite bins hooked together with PVC pipe, and it seemed roomy at first, but after I put the wheel in (which takes up almost all of one of the sides) and her...
  5. Cages
    I'm hoping to get a hedgie soon but I currently only have room for a 2 by 2 (about 4 square foot)c&c cage. Is that enough space?
1-5 of 5 Results