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  1. Liners & Cage bedding
    I have been using gel-free puppy pads under my hedgies fabric liners since I got him to make spot cleaning through the week easier if he pees outside the litter. The brand I used is discontinued and I haven't been able to find another gel-free option that is even remotely big enough for his...
  2. Housing & Accessories
    I'm so confused. My local Home Depot does not carry coroplast. I can't find any other place except my local sign store. They want 40$ for one 68x39 sheet. Is that reasonable? I feel like they're ripping me off. Any suggestions?
  3. Liners & Cage bedding
    My hedgie is very messy and poops EVERYWHERE. Can I clean his liner with water+vinegar to break this habit, or at least try to?
1-3 of 4 Results