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  1. Adults
    Hello I purchased Wookie about a year ago he's a very cute Hedgehog male. Unfortunately my life has come to a point that I can no longer spend the time with the little guy that he needs in order to have happy healthy life (the hours at work have been getting longer). With this being said I am...
  2. General Questions
    My daughter really loves hedgehogs and wants one as a pet (instead of a dog). I have wanted one for years but never acted on it. Does anyone know of a breeder in Lima, Peru or whether of not they are permitted for import. I recently saw a post about a vet in Lima and will try that avenue if...
  3. Wheels
    Hello, I am trying to buy a wheel for my every growing hedgie, and I was wondering about brand recommendations/where to buy a wheel. Are there any stores that you can buy a suitable hedgehog wheel in in person? Any online recommendations? Let me know! Thanks! :)
1-3 of 3 Results