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  1. Health
    So my hedgie, Chestnut, 4 months, male) finally let me hand pick him without the huffing after 5 days coming home. But he doesn't really going on his back yet , he flails and panics so I don’t often put him on his back. So today I was playing with him and i noticed a bump on his belly near...
  2. Health
    Hey guys so Bahdi just turned 6 last month and he has always been a fairly healthy hedgehog. Recently though I’ve discovered a small hard bump on his chest about the size of a pea. I didn’t think much of it just knew I had to keep an eye on it. Even more recently though the same bump has now...
  3. Skin
    Hi everyone! I recently rescued my second hedgie, Pokeyhontas, and things have been going wonderfully so far. She's a happy explorer and I'm so happy to have added her to the family! During my morning inspection of both my hedges (checking for runny noses, overly dry skin, etc.) I noticed a...
1-3 of 3 Results