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  1. General Questions
    i saw on here that flightless fruit flies are a good option for hedgies and i’m considering buying some are they healthy?
  2. General Questions
    where is the best place to buy small quantities of live bugs? the smallest quantity of live mealworms i’ve found is too much and my hedgie wouldn’t eat all of them fast enough
  3. Cages
    Hey all! So I just got my Luna a bigger cage and it doesn't fit on the dresser where I kept her old one; is it a terrible idea to put it on the floor? I'm worried that makes it easier for bugs/parasites to get in, but maybe it doesn't really make a difference? Would love your thoughts!
  4. General Questions
    Hi there! I'm a new hedgie owner (as of 2 months ago). I'm wondering if hedgies can attract any kinds of insects, more specifically stink bugs. I live in New England so it's snowy out, just wondering if it's a weather related issue or a hedgie thing (we've never had stink bugs before). Thanks!
  5. Fecal & Intestinal issues
    Hello! My 3 year old, seemingly healthy hedgie Pippa has a very concerning quirk: she throws up on herself after she eats bugs. Has anyone had any experience with this? She does this after she eats any sort of bug (meal worms, crickets, etc.) whether they are live, freeze dried or canned. She...
  6. Health
    Hey everyone, My little guy leo has tiny white bugs on his quills. Could they be mites? I've read that mites are usually black or red but these pests are definitely whitish looking and very tiny. He hasn't lost any quills yet, maybe he got them today who knows. What should I do? Should I buy...
  7. Diet and Nutrition
    What are food meal worms I can buy at petsmart? Any other bugs stetsmwrt like crickets, super worms, etc? I have heard some they've sold are not good for hedgies. :(
  8. Mites
    Hey everyone, I'm a new user and also a new hedgehog owner. I've had my albino hedgehog Marceline for about a month and a half. I usually put her in water a couple times a week to clean off her feet and whatnot (she tends to get herself into a mess). I noticed she was scratching herself like a...
1-8 of 8 Results