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  1. Health
    There are small, brown bug eggs inside of my hedgehog’s “Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Waterer”, with the design I’m unable to reach inside and clean them out, water doesn’t wash them away either. Any way to safely remove them? Or should I look into buying a new waterer tomorrow?
  2. General Questions
    So I was cleaning out my hedgehog's cage and I noticed this bug running up out of her cage. I hit it with the paper towel I was using to clean it and it was a black bug that was about the length of my pinkey fingernail, from left to right, and had a milkey kinda white tip at the end of it and I...
  3. Mites
    I just rescently adopted my first hedge from a certified breeder in Wisconsin. When I first brought him (Bruce) home to my apartment he seemed fine. I brought him to my parents ( so they could meet him) and there I noticed over night he has dandruff and was itching, the next day I checked his...
1-3 of 3 Results