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  1. Health
    I just picked up my hoggie and noticed her leg is bent funny. Everything is normal and she is eating and last night I heard her running on her wheel. What should I do? I will add some pictures.
  2. Health
    So, a week ago, I noticed that my hedgehog had his right leg bone kind of sticking upwards whenever he lays down. My mom thought he was compensating for his other side because he has a large cyst (which is non-cancerous, according to my vet) on the left side of his body. I tried to help him by...
  3. Feet and legs
    So Dexter is my old man hedge (bout 5 or 6 years old) and lately he has been trying to get out of his cage a lot. Well I put up his playpen fence around the inside of the cage since the cage has no walls and he got his front left arm caught and twisted in the bars of the fence. I found him...
  4. Feet and legs
    Mi little hedgie has a broken leg. Went to the vet, she said she is no specialist, but X rays revealed at least 1 broken leg, but X ray were very unclear and possibly another leg is broken (I hope no spinal cord damage, my God...). The vet gave it antibiotics and antinflammatory. But she said is...
1-4 of 4 Results