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  1. Breeding & Babies Help
    I have hedgehogs that are about 6ish months old. I am trying to breed them and I don’t think they are breeding because I watch from my camera and the don’t interact with each. Any tips or suggestions on what to do?
  2. Breeding & Babies Help
    Howdy I have bred my male and female 3 times with no luck. I started when they were about 5 months old and they are now about 8.5 months old. Ive tried having them in the females and males cages, different beddings, feed separated always but shar a water bowl. I've tried having them together...
  3. Breeding & Babies Help
    I've had hedgehogs for about three years now and I've never ran into this problem. I have a pair of hedgehogs that I'm currently trying to breed. Now, before anyone loses their heads, yes they are healthy, they are both young (female-a year and 4 months, male- 9 months), they are both from...
  4. Breeding & Babies Help
    I'm very very interested in breeding and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice. I have looking into and know the risks of losing the mother and that you need to have a vet and that the mother can reject the babies and so on. What I'm confused about is I continue to read that you need a...
  5. Breeding & Babies Help
    Hello! I am thinking if breeding my hedgehog, Shelby, but I don't know the easiest age to breed her! She is almost 6 months old now, and I'm thinking of breeding her in the summer, when I have more time. I have heard that breeding is easiest when done 6 months to 1 year of age but...
1-5 of 5 Results