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  1. General Questions
    does anybody know what breed my hedeghog could be? i never really knew what breed he is. he has five toes on his front paws and four on the back if it helps.
  2. General Questions
    I have a hedgie that has multi coloured spines (White and blackish/brown), but she also has the odd solid white spine! Does this mean my girl Aimie was bred with an albino hog :-o!! (Aimie in Picture) I also have a question about why she's hissing a lot and breathing heavily while she balls...
  3. General Questions
    Hello everyone - I have been thinking about getting a hedgehog for a while now. If I do, it will be near the beginning of summer (early June-ish). I live in Texas. I've been looking around at breeders, and I found one called Tanglefoot Hedgehogs in Temple, TX. The website looked pretty clean...
1-3 of 3 Results