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  1. United States
    If you live in the Boston area and need a vet, do NOT to Cambridge Veterinary Care. They were listed as hedgehog friendly, and when I called they said they see hedgehogs, and since it was close by I thought it would be a great choice. The first time I took my hedgehog there was for a respiratory...
  2. Used items
    Just recently lost my 3 year old hedgie, and I'm looking to sell my C&C cage components and other hedgie stuff to a good home. The bottom liner was thrown away because it was due to be replaced anyways. Also have a blue Carolina Storm wheel that is used but in great condition. Prefer local pick...
  3. Wheels
    Live in the Boston area. Looking to sell my blue Carolina Storm wheel. It's well used, about 4 years old. Very well upkept and both my hedgies loved it. Prefer local delivery, no shipping.
1-3 of 3 Results