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  1. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I have noticed bean is waking up like 3 hours late. The light unusually get turned off at 2am and she gets up at 5am. She usually get up at like 3am. I have also noticed she seems to be running around her cage a lot like she's looking for something to do. She has a wheel but she still seems bored.
  2. Hibernation
    HI! So I've been wondering my 2 year old hedgie girl seems to be getting lonely or maybe bored? She's not running in her wheel as often as she was, she used to every night and it's not because of her nails I usually trim them around 1 week to make sure they don't curl or get to long to be...
  3. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I just got my hedgie a couple of days ago. She's 2 months and a week old. She is very calm and outgoing, seems to like me and my brother very much. We have napped together and she has slept on my brother's belly! We gave her a bath and she was very calm, she also likes being pet and I pet her...
  4. Toys
    I used to have a few toys in Oliver's cage, but I took a few out because he never touched them & they always ended up behind the wheel making it hard to run. I still have a little yellow ping pong ball in his cage but it only end's up getting pooped on... I take him out everyday 2 or more times...