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  1. General Questions
    Hello, Earlier today I was sorting through Prue's growing collection of stuff and rediscovered the adorable bonding bag that I bought her. After seeing that the forecast for today was warm, I decided to walk my dog and take her along. I have heard of people doing chores and going shopping with...
  2. General Questions
    I got Wally, my 8-month-old boy, three weeks ago today. He hadn't received much attention, no bonding time, and his cage, besides being way too small, lacked any kind of stimulation. He was housed on newspaper and did not have an igloo or any kind of hiding place other than an over-sized stuffed...
  3. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I got a year old hedgehog almost a week ago. She still huffs around me. But occasionally she will smell me and rub on my hand. But if I let her she buffs and points out her quills. Will I ever be able to hold her? How do i work up to doing this? I already have a pair of my worn shorts in her...
  4. Igloos, Bags & Sleeping options
    I love it! This is my new bonding bag, modeled by my lovely little Max.
1-4 of 4 Results