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  1. Diet and Nutrition
    Hi all -- I'm considering adding Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Adult Indoor Fish Recipe to my hedgie's mix -- (32% protein, 14% fat, 7% fiber), but I'm concerned about the "LifeSource Bits" in the food. What vitamins/minerals are even in these "bits"? For those that feed Blue Buffalo, do you...
  2. Diet and Nutrition
    Hey there, So im a pretty new hedgehog owner and the person I got my hedgehog from told me to get https://www.amazon.com/Ultra-Blend-Select-Hedgehog-Diet-22-Ounce/dp/B004PBCRRE/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1476113980&sr=1-1&keywords=hedgehog+food and he said that cat food will damage...
  3. Diet and Nutrition
    I am currently feeding Humphry blue buffalo indoor health adult cat food with protein 32% and fat 15% mixed with natures recipe grain free indoor food protein 37% and fat 15% . I just want to know if these two are alright mixed together or should I try another mix? I'm just worried I'm not...
  4. Diet and Nutrition
    Hi, I've had my little Giz for about a month and a half now (and she's a very happy, adventurous hedgie). I took her to the vet today and all looked well-she was pretty relaxed (considering I woke her up in the middle of the morning and took her out to an unfamiliar location). She's about 11...
1-4 of 4 Results