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bloody urine
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  1. Bleeding, Female
    Hello everyone! I'm an owner of 1,5 years old female hedgie. After a long fight with bloody urine and no luck in beating it with any mediaction, the vet has sheduled a surgery date for her (tomorrow) to spay her. And my question is, did maybe anyone here, had actually a chance of taking care of...
  2. Health
    Hello. This is Audrey Reyes, hedgie owner from the Philippines. The oldest hedgehog of mine, Bonnie, has recently became weaker. She used to be such a fast runner, but I have noticed that she became shaky whenever she walks. I am assuming that it isn't WHS because she's, I think, almost 3 years...
  3. Bleeding, Female
    I finally convinced myself to post on here to get some advice after visiting this site on MULTIPLE occasions. My little hedgehog Abby, I'm guessing is about 2 years old. (I bought her and her sister from an individual who thinks they were 1.5yrs old) Yesterday she pee'd when I was holding her...
1-3 of 3 Results