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  1. Cages
    Hello! I currently have my hedgehog, Cassie, in an about 2x3 foot bin cage. She is very intergenic at night and I feel like she needs a bigger cage. I couldn't find a bigger bin though. I don’t feel comfortable making a c&c cage for her because she is a bit of a climber and even with the plastic...
  2. Cages
    Hello! I am currently looking into doing a bin cage for my future hedgehog, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good bin to use, that is a good size for a hedgie. If any of you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  3. Heating
    I am getting my first hedgehog soon and have started setting up her cage. The breeder told me a plastic bin was fine as long as it was big enough. My problem is what is the best way for me to heat it without melting the cage?
  4. Cages
    I have a top-entry cat litter box from CleverCat that I think will work perfectly for housing a hedgehog both permanently or temporarily. (link at the bottom) I really like it, becasue . . . ** It's anti-microbial and designed to be used for urine and poop. ** It's 15" tall. ** It's interior is...
  5. Cages
    If some of you wouldn't mind adding a picture of your bin cage setups for me I would really appreciate it. I'm a soon-to-be hedgie owner and I'd like to see different setups of bin cages. Attach an image (please include lid as well)
  6. Heating
    My set up is 2 sterilite bins without the lids, connected by a 4" pvc pipe. The bins are 66qt each and each measure 20 by 14". I live where it doesn't really rain or snow much, and we're approaching summer and it gets hot! My house really doesn't get cold either, and we always put the heater on...
  7. Cages
    Hello everyone! So, lately I've been looking into getting a hedgehog; researching, planning, saving money, etc. If I do get one, I want it to have a really big cage. Unfortunately, my bedroom is pretty short on space, and I couldn't keep the hedgehog anywhere else in the house. I only have room...
  8. Heating
    Hello - I'm a new hedgie owner and want to know the best way to heat a cage made from a sterilite bin? It's modified so that the top of the cage (the plastic top) has been cut and screening for a screen door has been added for ventilation... but now I'm not sure as to the best way to heat it...
  9. Cages
    Hi guys! We're moving into a bigger place which means Moxxi gets her own bedroom. As of now, her cage consists of one 105 quart Sterilite bin which is enough for her house, wheel and food/water dishes with a little bit of empty space in the middle. This was fine when she was a little munchkin...
1-9 of 9 Results