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  1. General Questions
    I just got my first hedgehog for christmas as a present from my boyfriend, so i'm sill very new to hedgehog behavior. A few weeks ago I had gotten on of those corner litter pans and put some litter in it, to try and have him use it i put old poo's in there. He seemed to have used it once, but...
  2. Cages
    Hello, I'm a new member. My family is going to be getting a hedgehog in the near future( from a breeder). I've been reading a lot about caging and still not to sure what to do. We do not have the hedgehog yet, but we have started getting supplies for it. We had a 75 gallon aquarium laying...
  3. General Questions
    Hi, just a few questions before I get my hedgie in a couple months. :grin: 1) I know initial setup can be expensive, but where would you ballpark costs? I plan on making my own 2x3 C&C cage which I know should be around $50. 2) How long should I have my hedgehog before she travels? My mom...
1-3 of 3 Results