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  1. Mites
    Hello, I am a very new hedgehog owner. My little guys name is chief and I recently took him to the vet as I discovered a bunch of mites on his face. Its been 3 days since he got his first dose of revolution and by now he's starting to get a little stinky since he hasn't bathed in a while. I...
  2. General Questions
    I don't bathe my hedgehog (Lyla) often. Maybe once every two months. I use a gentle puppy/kitten shampoo that has coconut. Whenever I put her into the sink she soon becomes scared and frantic to get out. She tries to claw out but always dunks her head underwater on accident and the problem is...
  3. Quills
    I have had milo for almost a week now and he will be two months on the 21st I was wndering when he will start quilling? And how to handle him if I should when he does. And when a bath should be done? Do I just use water or add a soap?
1-3 of 3 Results