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  1. Health
    Hey everyone! I'm Lindsay and we have had our baby Freddie Tres for about a month now! I have so many questions about him and want to make sure that we are doing everything correctly. He still puffs up and hisses when I take him out of his cage. I have researched and noticed a lot of sites that...
  2. General Questions
    So basically I gave my hedgehog a bath for the first time in a while yesterday, and usually, she is very calm and manageable doesn't hiss, pop, and any of that but today was very different. When I put her in the bath she was very scared and tried to get out of the bath (it was only up to her...
  3. Grooming
    Alright, simple question just curious when you give oatmeal baths, obviously use plain oats. however.. what would actually happen if you used flavored? No.. I'm not going to try it.. just simple curious.
  4. Breeding & Babies Help
    My hedgehog gave birth approximately 3 weeks ago. The babies have their eyes open and are fully developed, minus their small size. The mom rolled around in her poop last night and now has it all in her spikes. Can I give her a bath? Or do I need to wait until the babies are gone? I hate to see...
  5. General Questions
    He escaped last night - first time in this new cage - he has a wheel and everything i guess he was just exploring. But he managed to get into a cupboard, which had a plastic bag with some old trainers in it. The trainers were ruined from adventuring 2 years ago up a cliff. I don't know what kind...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, We have recently bought a 7 week old hoglet - we brought him home last night and used this site a lot in order to set up the right environment for him! We've joined to help anyone out with questions we had and maybe give the uk equivalent of some of the recommendations on here (most of...
  7. Grooming
    So, I just received my hedgehogs about three weeks ago from a friend who was moving and couldn't take them with her; I am a new hedgehog owner, and they are still getting used to me. Everything thing is going well except one of them is a bit grumpy and is still very cautious around me, but he...
  8. General Questions
    Hello my fellow hedgehog parents! I have a four and a half month old male hedgehog. I was recently giving him a bath where he usually runs around and occasionally laps up water. But today after running around, he drank quite a bit of water. When drying him off, he started to throw up (most...
  9. Skin
    Prudence had very bad dry skin about 2 weeks ago. She tested negative for mites and so I figured that the dry air must have been making her dry and itchy. I gave her a bath in aveeno baby shampoo and rinsed her with water with a tiny bit of olive oil. She seemed to dramatically improve after...
  10. General Questions
    So I am a new Hedgie mommy. I have wanted one for about 5 years now and finally having one is supper exciting! A Facebook friend was selling him and I took the opportunity right away (with my parents permission). As a new mommy to a hedgie I have multiple questions. 1. Wipes. He runs on his...
  11. Grooming
    I gave Lydia some carrots and she anointed and it's all over her head and back but we're not on the friendly level yet so I'm not sure what to do! I've tried to give her a bath but she curls up in a ball and I'm not sure how to go about it! Any tips for me? I don't want her to be all orange hahah!
  12. Skin
    As the title says, :) I think he looks dry to me. If so, should i wait to bath him or should i go ahead and do an oatmeal bath with olive oil afterwards?
  13. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I've noticed that whenever I bath or foot bath Nina she drops herself to the floor and sort of scoots.. Is this her way of drying off? I do use a towel and dry her as much as I can, but she's too squirmy to actually keep hold of until dry so I let her play in her pen on fleece and keep an eye on...
  14. General Questions
    Hi everybody. Please help me. What temperature and height should the water be when I give my 8 and a half week old African Pygmy his first bath. It is his feet that need washing. Thanks and please reply.
  15. Grooming
    Clu usually is fine with baths, he will try to run out of the sink but is unsuccessful, but he is usually fine after a bath, even tries to help dry off after! Today I gave him a bath like usual and when I did the rinse I added half a capsule of flax seed oil into his water because I read it was...
  16. Skin
    I've been looking everywhere online for answers. I got my Pinto hedgehog Sonic (original name I know) a few days ago from a small local pet shop. Starting maybe yesterday he's been scratching a lot. He's been sleeping all day and most the night. He'll wake up for about 30 min to eat and drink...
  17. Fun Stuff
    So yeah, my little Ezra just took a bath and he doesn't seem very happy, but I know he is secretly. He has never snuggled up to me in my arm for this long before and actually fallen asleep. He knows he loves me ;) Pics included
  18. Grooming & Bath Products
    I got my first hedgehog three days ago, how often should I give her baths? and how should I do it, I was told to let her float on her back in the water, but she doesnt want to. What do I do?.
1-18 of 18 Results