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  1. Health
    Disclaimer; I am a very paranoid new hedgehog owner. I have hopefully a quick question. Gremlin has recently really cut down on what he’s eating. He used to scarf down a table spoon and now seemingly eats maybe five of the individual pieces of cat food. I have not changed his food or water...
  2. Health
    Tema's about 4 months old, give or take. I believe at this age she's still quilling. She's however become very friendly and mild mannered. I feed her a daily bowl of 1 tablespoon of Iams Kitten mixed with Royal Canin Second Age Kitten (added in today to change her food in case she's tired of...
  3. Diet and Nutrition
    I adopted my little Farlow about a year and a half ago (just a wee babe when I got him!), and he has been nothing but smiles and activity up to this point. About two weeks ago, I noticed that his normally empty food bowl still had remnants of food left. He is now eating about half of the food he...
1-3 of 3 Results