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  1. General Questions
    i was telling my brother earlier today i want to feed frodo a bunch of different snacks to see if he’ll annoint because he hasn’t yet, although he likes and enjoys the things i’ve given em he hadn’t annointed, and today i had been playing with him then he went back to bed and i put on hand...
  2. Health
    Hi all, I just want to put my mind at rest, so I can finally get some sleep. So last night Edith was sniffing and scratching at a certain part of her liner (which happened to be wet), contorted and vommed all over herself. This is the first time I have seen her do this, and she is my first...
  3. Health
    Hello, My hedgehog, Sandy, is a 2 y.o. female. She eats grain-free salmon flavored cat food everyday -- she has eaten the same brand for a year. She runs on a wheel every night and gets fed and checked on every day. Today I noticed she had eaten her entire bowl of food last night. Usually she...
  4. Grooming
    I just got my hedgie some new wash (Aveeno Oatmeal Baby Wash) and gave her a bath with it today. It's now 45 minutes-1 hour after and she's anointing like crazy! She'll lick her belly (I can't tell if she's biting too. If she is biting, should I be alarmed or concerned? Could she hurt herself?)...
  5. Grooming
    I gave Lydia some carrots and she anointed and it's all over her head and back but we're not on the friendly level yet so I'm not sure what to do! I've tried to give her a bath but she curls up in a ball and I'm not sure how to go about it! Any tips for me? I don't want her to be all orange hahah!
  6. Health
    So my dad was playing with Venera tonight and she starting licking his fingers and anointing. I didn't even think that he probably had the oil on his hands but turns out he did. It wasn't wet, it had dried, but I am still really worried about Venera. What do I do?
  7. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I'm a new hedgie owner, i have had Arasu for about month now and I'm getting used to things with him. Every week I clean his cage out and give him a bath but as soon as I put him back into his clean cage he will start to anoint. He will start licking the walls of his cage and regurgitating up a...
  8. Bleeding, Female
    I don't know if this is the right section for this but I wasn't sure where to put this. So today my hedgehog started anointing after eating some chicken and some of it came out pink. This has only happened one other time before but at the time I just thought maybe she ate something with pink in...
  9. Fun Stuff
    I realized this morning, I did not really have any videos of Pindsvin. I take pictures like no other, but never thought to take a video. So, this morning I took a small video of him being adorable :p and posted it to Youtube. He even did some anointing for me (I think it's cute). It's 6 minutes...
  10. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    The last few times I've taken Humphry out to explore the room he medianly goes to my shoes or my boyfriends shoes and started scratching and trying to chew on the rubber soles. He will walk around after and anoit himself at new smells and such but is the thing with the shoes him anointing...
  11. Liners & Cage bedding
    Hi, So i use Yesterday news in the litter box. I notice in the morning that he is anointing with it. Does this mean he is eating it? I am currently using a hug box for the CSW as a litter box. He seems to like to poop on the outsides of the box lol. If he is probably eating it I guess I...
  12. General Questions
    I'm not quite sure if this question really belongs here but meh. I've been wondering what kinds of things have your hedgehogs anointed to? So far my Obie has done so to the following: -Yogurt -Grass -Rough outdoor carpet -Fuzzy blankets -Concrete (This is the weirdest one).
  13. Fun Stuff
    That's a video link to one of my hedgies Preston anointing and falling over while doing it! its super cute and rare for him to do!
  14. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    My baby London was biting my shorts and then she annointed herself. Does this mean she doesn't like me or my shorts?:( she is three months old.
1-14 of 15 Results