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M cinnicot 9-04.jpg
Male Cinnicot3511 viewsBaby hedgie born September '04
Toby right side 10-04.jpg
Pinto Hedgehog3073 viewsThis is one of our prized breeder male hedgehogs. He is as sweet in temperment as he is gorgeous!
female tobiano 10-04.jpg
Female Tobiano Pinto Hedgehog3146 viewsThis is a little girl that we produced. She was born in October of '04 and is quite a looker!
F Cinnamon Snowflake 8-04.jpg
Female Cinnamon Snowflake7955 viewsThis little girl is 8 weeks old in the picture. She was born here in August of '04. Her daddy, is a very heavy snowflake with almost 80% white quills. We are sure that as she goes through some successive quillings, she will become even more gorgeous like her dad! We will have to post an "after" picture sometime in a few months to document her adult coloring.
Archie on Wheel.jpg
Archie running on his Whisper Wheel3646 viewsThis is a Cinnicot hedgehog named Archie. Archie is one of my husband's best buddies! He is also a prolific studly male here at Hedgehogs by Vickie. He thows some beautiful Cinnicot youngsters with lots of bright apricot quills! He is an advid "wheeler". Guess he likes to keep in shape for the ladies!
2 sister Tobianos.jpg
Two Sisters3024 viewsThese 2 Tobiano (High White) Pinto sisters were produced here in early Fall of '04. They were bred from animals with not only beautiful markings...but sweet dispositions as well!
Platinum Hedgehog3368 viewsThis little guy is 7 weeks old. Platinums are a rare color for us at Hedgehogs by Vickie. They have 90+% solid white quills. Their dark ears, eyes and muzzle are striking against the gleamining white quills. Since we don't raise all that many of this color. they are very special to us when they come along! This fella was from a litter of 4. His siblings were all Snowflakes.
Apricot Pinto 8-3 M.jpg
Apricot Pinto male born 8-042898 viewsHedgehog's by Vickie is well known for our strain of Pinto Hedgehogs. We raise Pintos (which is actually a pattern) in a variety of colors. This little guy is an Apricot Pinto. The Apricot on White quills are not as dramatic as the standard color Pintos. But this guy is pretty just the same! Our strain of Apricot hedgies tends to be deeper in color than a lot of the Pale Apricots that are frequently seen.
Algerian Cinnicot 8-21 M.jpg
Cinnicot Male born August '043504 viewsThe lighting in this picture does not reflect the true color of this animal. In real life, he does not appear to have as much Apricot quill color. His quills are more of the dilute Cinnamon color from his Algerian ancestors. And although this picture doesn't prove it, he is actually an Algerian Cinnicot. Notice the patch of white quills on his flank. He is technically a Pinto too. We raise so many high white Pintos here, that we tend not to acknowledge the Pinto pattern when it is only this minor.
Cinnamon Tobiano Pinto 8-9 M.jpg
Baby Pinto Male4437 viewsWhat a cutie! This fella is one of our babies. He has decent Pinto markings on his flank and rump. Not only is this guy pretty, but he has a sweet extroverted personality to match! Over 10 years of selective breeding has produced not only beautiful color patterns here at Hedgehogs by Vickie, but outgoing even tempered personalities as well!
Pinto 8-2 M.jpg
Pinto Pattern on Standard Quills3284 viewsWe think that Pintos are the best! (We might be a tad prejudiced since we own Pinto and Appaloosa horses.) But the diversity in markings and unique nature of the Pinto Pattern make Pintos our favorite hedgehog color! We have been raising hedgies for over 10 years. We have spent the last 6 years developing the genetics in our Pinto animals. It gets even more fun every season and the variety of pattern possibilities means we will never be bored!
2 F Snowflake 8-22-04.jpg
Smily!4212 viewsIt was expressions like this that caused us to fall in love with hedgehogs back in 1994! Being long term "animal people", living with hedgehogs was a natural for us. Now we can't imagine ever being "hedgieless"! This darling female Snowflake was 7 weeks old when this picture was taken.
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