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11-09-2011 08:53 PM
Re: An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

Mac is my goober ^_^ He got a foot bath this morning (he gets one every morning almost, messy boy) and then settled in my chair with a small space heater trained on him while he snuggled in a dry towel to soak up the water off of his tummy while I cleaned out the sink. Then I moved him to the tabletop and let him cuddle in one of my awesome jackets and finish drying off while I could make sure he was nice and warm, then he went back to bed in his cage. It was so sweet to be able to peek on him and watch him sleep, he's such a sweety when he's not bitey! And like I said I can't blame him at all, I'm crabby when I'm tired and uncomfortable, so I understand completely! And I'd be kinda cranky over the meds and baths, Revolution stinks when it's fresh >_>

And thank you shetland, I try! It doesn't always work out, but I made sure I could take on more work so I can take care of them the way they deserve, vet visits and all. I'm hoping to get another wheel from Larry after Christmas, right now Dougie has the wheel I got from Larry shortly after I got back to the States, and then Mac has Charley's old wheel... but it's loud, it's not one of Larry's... but Dougie runs so fast he makes a horrible racket on it, so he got the "good" wheel for now. Mac runs, but not nearly as fast as Speedy the Hedgie (Dougie)!

I will try to get some good pictures soon! Aside from the Halloween shoot I've tried to leave them be during the mite treatments since that was tough on them, and part of it was me being swamped too... bad mommy! No pics for the aunties and uncles ^_^
11-09-2011 07:06 PM
Re: An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

It is always so good to hear from you. I am glad the boys are on the way to recovery. If all were as responsible as you in the care of their hedgies, how wonderful it would be. I will say a prayer for you for a merry Christmas.
11-09-2011 03:17 PM
Re: An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

Poor Mac I hope a full recovery comes quick and he can be more comfortable.

It sounds like you've done everything right for them! I'm sure they love & appreciate you, even if they don't show it all the time (typical men ).

If you have time you should definitely post some new pictures of your duo for us! That'll be a good Christmas present from you to HHC
11-09-2011 03:04 PM
Re: An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

Post-treatment update on my little monsters *said with the utmost affection*

Mac and Dougie are doing very well with their skin health post Revolution treatment (they had their last dose almost a week ago now). I gave them good scrubbings last night and then they got a flax seed oil rinse post bath to hopefully help soothe their little backs. An interesting tidbit, according to the label on the organic shampoo I got for them, it doesn't affect topic spot-on flea treatments like Advantage and Frontline, would it affect Revolution? I usually wait and give baths at least 4 days after a dose, and then always bathe before a new dose is given so that once I do apply it there is plenty of time for it to be absorbed.

I am happy to report that there is healthy pink skin and tons of new quills coming in on Mr. Mac's poor little baldy butt (he's nowhere near as nekkid as Charley was, but you can still see gaps when he balls up and he used to be fully quilled.)

Dougie never did lost many quills but he has had dry skin out the wazoo, it looked like dust on the bases of his quills, really uncomfy looking and I could ear him scritch-scratch for a minute or two before going on his nightly run as I was going to bed. He HATES the baff almost as much as Mac does, but he still endures it because I ask him to. I think the oil rinse is helping him too, his skin looks taut and healthy and no longer dusty.

In other news, the discomfort of mites/new quills hasn't really been an issue for Dougie but poor Mac... He has always been nippy, but formerly it was if I smelled tasty. He seems to associate me with his discomfort and frequent baths and now chomps into my fingers and the heel of my palms whenever he gets the chance, and then hangs on like a bulldog with a bone. When he does this I calmly hold my offending flesh still and tell him to let go, that hurts, stop it, etc and he will usually release after 10 seconds or so. Dang vampire teeth leave some pretty good sized holes in me ^_^ I can't help but laugh about it, because I know it's not malicious, the poor guy's hurting and uncomfortable, and he's already getting better now that he's had a few weeks of Revolution. Hedgie mouths are dirty places though! I fell asleep one night before treating my wound and woke up the next morning (not 6 hours later) with a serious infection going on. Crazy.

And that's Mac and Dougie news!

I'm doing okay, my request to retake my class that I flunked out of a few weeks ago has been approved, now I'm just waiting on news about who is going to pay for it, me or the school. Jobs and work is so-so, I'm paying the bills and should be able to do a little Christmas for my son, and that's what counts.

More updates to follow!
10-20-2011 04:08 AM
Re: An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

It's so great that their quills are coming back in! I have a chronic quill dropper and have yet to figure out if there's anything wrong with her or if she just sheds a lot.

I definitely vote for CHEs! I don't know what I would do without mine. The thermostat makes it so much easier... but, I'm still paranoid, and check both CHEs every day. If the thermostat's "on" light is lit up, I make sure both lamps are pumping out the heat. I recently got a space heater and am now using that to heat my room to about 70*, then the CHEs kick up her cage temp to 75*. I think it makes things a little easier on the CHE bulbs, and hopefully that will make them last longer since they're so flippen expensive!!

I love updates on your boys. Keep 'em coming!
10-20-2011 02:16 AM
An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

Mac and Dougie are responding very positively to their treatments so far!

Tomorrow's full on bath will tell just how much their skin has improved; aside from checking for reddened areas I haven't messed with them yes since they just had their first dose of Revolution this past Friday and I wanted to let it soak in good.

I want to give them a gentle bath and loosen some of the dead skin on their backs and around the base of their quills. Their skin is so dry and flakey right now I can't hardly see the new quills growing in, but boy are there a lot of them, especially on Mac! I swear he has two dozen in various stages of growing in, and that's just what I can see. Dougie did not lose that many quills, maybe 10 so far, so he's not quite so naked looking on the bum end as Mr. Mac.

After tomorrow's bath they will get a thorough cage cleaning and all of their liners and accessories washed with soap and then with bleach before being rinsed again and dried. I take this mess very seriously. I will not let these little bugs mess with my babies!

I had been wondering for a day or two prior to finding the signs of mites on Mac and Dougie why Mac was being so ornery, he had been coming out of his shell and then he seemed to go right back into it. I think I would too if I was so itchy! A few hours after his Revolution dose he was back to being his snuggly adventurous self, at least more so to me.

Both boys are running on their wheels like maniacs every night and eating very well.

Mac is down a few grams, only 4 grams outside of his normal low-end fluctuations (he's between the high 470's and low 470's) and Dougie is stable at anywhere from 270 to 280. I weight them at about the same time every night at what I can assume is a pre-potty time because they are asleep when I get them out for health checks before I go to sleep.

As I said they're eating great, I've even conned Dougie into eating a little bit of one of the cat food and baby food mixes I made and froze in an ice cube tray; Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken with squash baby food and a little bit of chicken baby food with some rice cereal, bene-bac, and Booster. He won't eat much, but it's a start for my little one that won't even eat bugs! Otherwise Dougie eats a combination of Pat's Mix and RC Babycat, so is average fat percentage is like 22% >_< It's amazing he's not the size of a Koosh ball ^_^

Mac eats a combination of Pat's Mix and the Lite Mix by Dorman Exotics. His total fat percentage is more around 15-17% which is better to lose a little bit and then maintain a healthier weight since he was starting to develop the hump of fat between his shoulders. He can still ball up very tight, so I'm less worried about weight loss and more about keeping him stable, and he was gaining on just the Pat's Mix alone. Mac eats anything "special" I give him; mealies, his baby food mixs I made up a few weeks ago, etc. He's not stranger to loving his munchies! I'm happy he's so active though, he could be a little chubbers AND be lazy too.

Water consumption is good. Cage temps are good (76 for Mac, 80 for Dougie) which is a huge relief for me since winter is about to hit us hard this weekend with night time temps in the 30's. I also have a guardian angel for my guys sending me CHE systems, and then I will buy the thermostats for them and Mac and Dougie will have CHE's once winter really does set in. Right now they both have heating pads, but that is a temporary solution at best; Dougie will likely always need his on a very low setting under his hidey place, and Mac might appreciate it in the winter months, but they're just not designed to heat the air, and I can't find a good electric blanket for less than $50; I can get the two thermostats I need for $60!

And that's what's going on with my boys!

As for me, I'm working things out with the school; I appealed to take the course I flopped over again, I hope they let me! In the meantime I did something really boneheaded on the job and thought I was going to get fired, but I'm told by my boss he likes me so I'm safe. Whew!

Now, off to bed for me and morning runs for the guys.


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