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08-12-2019 10:26 PM
Yukidama's mama I’m so sorry for your loss and it was so unfortunate she went down hill whilst you were away. It can’t be helped though so try not to blame yourself. Remember the good times you shared together. It’s amazing she had another two years from the first diagnosis too, there’s just no way of knowing if and when it will come back unfortunately 😞

Thank you for sharing her story, hopefully it can help others in a similar situation one day ♡
08-12-2019 01:19 PM
misha0209 hello,

if anybody is still reading this thread, i thought i should log back in one last time.
it is with a heavy heart that i have to say our little girl passed on 4 weeks ago today.

she seemed to be doing fine, except what looked like a some pimples on her skin, we got antibiotics for them, and on the checkup after the antibiotics, i asked, as i usually did, for an ultrasound, just to be safe.
it was then the vet saw black spots on her liver.
she said a definitive diagnosis can not be made withot a biopsy, but that the procedure is a bit risky, and if it turns out to be cancer, there is nothing we can do.

so we went home with milk thistle extract and lactulose to help the liver, and pain meds, if needed hoping it is not cancer and can be helped.
the worst part is we were not with her when she passed, this all hapened before a prebooked vacation. we payed quite a lot for it, but were thinking to cancel it and stay home, but our family and friends insisted that we don't.. the vet said that she still has at least a month if it was cancer.. so we folded and left.
2 good friends did our part dayly twice a day, but in the second half of our trip, the worst hapened. we wanted to catch a plane back home, but we were far away and the prices were litterly 3x what we payed for the return flight.
it started out with her not sleeping, and coming out even during the day. we figured there was pain and started the pain medication. we were looking at her IR camera every 5 minutes to see what was going on.
she would not move much, would tire easily, just walk a bit then stop, and walk some more. but she kept trying right up until the end. the poop was small, green and slimy.
this went on for 3 days, and just kept getting worse, it was clear she was in pain, and the pain meds were not doing a great job. our friends told us that she seemed weak and did not eat much, or wanted to do much. the news was always bad. they ended up visiting 3-4 times each day.
then came the first night she refused ANYTHING, even chiken and water.
we kept watching her, and she seemed so very very tired. the pain was obvios even on camera
that night she would walk 5cm, then sit for 5-10 minutes, then walk another 5cm... she did not sleep all night and was out of her little bed the entire night. we did not sleep eather, just sat there watching her all night. we were devasted for not being with her
the next morning she refused food and water again, at that point the decision was clear. i asked our friend to take her to the vet to be put down.
the vet said she was weak and that it was a good decision. the pain was only going to get worse. a quick ultrasound also revealed that the liver looked much worse than before. so we waited for the sad news that it was over. we were just zombies walking arround waiting for the day of the flight to get back home.

the vet asked if she can do a biopsy after she was put down to send to the lab. i gave my consent. i guess i felt so crappy for not being with her that i was just trying to find out if it was our fault, or there was nothing that could be done. although looking back on it now, it does not really matter... all that matters is that we were not there

the result came back 2 weeks ago, and it was the same sarcoma that we had removed when i started this thread. so metastasis to the liver was the cause of death.
i am writing here to ease my pain ofc, but also as a record if anybody goes through the same thing. took roughly 2 years for the metastasis to show up, but it did at the worst time ever

thank you all for reading, and answering, and i realy hope this will help readers in the future.
RIP our sweet little Itchu ;((
06-14-2019 07:32 AM
misha0209 well, figured it was time to post here again, it's been some time again.
so what happened since i was last here....
the activity levels of our little one decreased steadily over time, to the point where she barely heads down to the lower level of her home to play.
wheel is being ignored or used as a toilet only

she developed some small pimples on her skin in a few places (vet said they are fat spots) but then a few weeks ago 2 of them on her front paw turned bloody red. they cleared right out with betadine in 3 days. sample was taken (one of them was drained) and the result came back as pseudomonas. a nasty bacteria. we did get antibiotics for it, which she finished last week. going to the vet tomorrow for a check up. will post again with results.

she seems to be doing ok, but she has gained some weight she is at 515g (just switched to a blend of hill's r/d and w/d after we got the antibiotic done). hoping the new diet will help her loose some grams. she seems to tire easily, just does one lap around the room, then finds a corner, and sits there.. if i pick her up, after a few huffs, does one more lap around the room, then stops someplace else. it's like she just tires very fast.
will ask the doc if it could be liver related, maybe some milk thistle would help. i realize that after an antibiotic cure (and it was a long one, 2 weeks) you are weak. but this has been the "new" standard for a long time. she is almost 3 years old, maybe age... dunno.. maybe the high temps here also make her want to do nothing, but the aircon keeps her room at 25.5-26C the entire day. problem is at night temp has gone up to 27!

appetite is very much there, and also water intake has gone up.
for related info you might also check a new thread i started to see if somebody can help me with ideas on how to help her slim down:
if anybody has any idea, just post in any of the 2 threads pls.
04-04-2019 08:38 AM
shetland Thank you so much for the updates. Also thank you for your love and caring for your little one.
04-04-2019 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by Hedgemom7 View Post
Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for this thread, it has been so helpful! My hedgehog recently developed a similar-looking lump that the vet has said doesn't look like a tumor, but it's been so great to read through this just in case; I plan to get the lump removed to be safe anyway and this has been super helpful. Thank you again, and I hope your little girl is doing well now!
Great to hear the information helped someone, the main purpose was for me to gather experience with the problem, but also leave a log for other to read

Our girl is still good, thanks for asking, same weight, same lack of activity , good appetite, and came out healthy in her last checkup in February.
we even managed to stop the hibernation attempts altogether this winter using a timer and a desk lamp. had read that lighting is important, but i figured heat was the decisive factor. now i learned she is a lot more tolerant to low temperature than i thought, but lack of lighting will cause more frequent hibernation attempts!

can't wait for the weather to get worm enough to take her outside

best luck with your little one, i would suggest removal too. in our case the doctor said she had to take out a good portion around the area to be sure she got all the mass out. i'm not saying to go overboard, but in our case, being sarcoma, wide extraction margins were recommended, and as i've read, it should be the case in all cancer related problems.
you can have a sample extracted (very fine needle) and sent to a lab to determine what exactly the lump is. i remember it cost us something, but it wasn't an arm and leg so to speak.

also, out of experience, these cancerous masses, if you palpate them, they are very dense to the touch, almost rubber like in comparison to normal tissue. our vet immediately said it was a problem on observing and palpating. she scheduled us for the operation during our first visit, when she took the sample for the lab. so she basically did the lab to humor us, but she was sure an extraction was in order. this is our current vet, a very good vet imo.
the other 2 that saw her before said it's either an ingrown quill or an infection... so yeah.. finding a good doc is IMPORTANT! also, the lump she had was growing FAST and i mean fast, it was visibly getting bigger each week. take that into account as well.

best wishes !!
02-05-2019 10:24 PM
Hedgemom7 Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for this thread, it has been so helpful! My hedgehog recently developed a similar-looking lump that the vet has said doesn't look like a tumor, but it's been so great to read through this just in case; I plan to get the lump removed to be safe anyway and this has been super helpful. Thank you again, and I hope your little girl is doing well now!
11-23-2018 04:16 PM
misha0209 i've not been posting much here, since nothing worth mentioning has happened since i last posted ( thankfullly !!! )

we had a checkup done last week, and other than her drop in activity, and the fact the she is pleasantly plump there is nothing bad to say. again, thankfully, and hoping it stays this way.

her weight oscillates between 470~480 grams now, and has been this way for months.

still trying to get her to loose weight, but she does not eat that much... she use to eat WAY more than she does now.
the problem is the drop in activity, we try to take her out each night, and let her run around the house, but that's an hour a day... tops.. still do not know what to do to get her to be more active...
07-08-2018 06:30 AM
Yukidama's mama Great news, glad to hear she is doing well! ^^

I am struggling with a similar weight issue with Yuki. He is now weighing around 480gs! I'm adding a lower fat % to his kibble and reducing the higher fat % kibbles in the mix. He was doing pretty well not gaining any more weight for about a month but now he's gained again and weighed 489g last night, the most he's ever weighed ><. I'm also looking into a commercial raw food diet like barf etc. but have lots more research to do though.
07-08-2018 03:56 AM
misha0209 So back here again.
just did not have the time to report in a few weeks back.
another visit to the oncologist (we're doing this each 6 months) that resulted in good news!! the doc did not see any evidence of her old problem.

we got scared because of a small iritation on her back, that seemed to swell (just a bit) but a small aspirate sample revealed it was an infection, so we received some betadine soap, and the thing cleared out by the 3rd bath.

her activity levels are lower than before, but she is eating and drinking well (a bit too well). she has gained some weight, the doc says it is inevitable after a spay, but we're trying to get her to run about the house she was at 440g before the spay, and is now at 460g.

if anybody has some advice for our little lack of activity or weight problem, we're all ears.
thanks for tuning in, will write next check-up

PS: she has fully recovered from the spay without any complications if anybody is wondering
03-28-2018 04:11 PM
misha0209 Hi,

thanks for the interest.
just a little update. went to the vet that did the OP and she said it looks good.
we got the all clear to go back to normal. this has all been 2 weeks now.

appetite is good, she is eating the canned food that she liked before the OP now.
also loved eating the soup, but we took it out of the diet now that she can eat her kibble, only giving it as a treat.

she seems more curious when we let her explore the room. looking back now, before the op, she was just looking for a place to hide, or would stop and just stare for a few minutes. none of that now.
active for about 2~3 hours per night, which is like before really.
weight is 420 grams. this also is her old weight, i think the fluid retention accounted for some of the extra weight we noticed in the weeks before the spay.

wound is closed, and looking good, although there is a nasty scar... quite big.. but we love her more than ever

we're checking in with a local vet this friday, we said we'd do it just to be sure there is no infection.

so, once again, we're hoping the worst is behind us! just enjoying the time we have together. spring soon over here, if it get's warm outside she gets to explore the back yard. first time she'll see grass looking forward to that.
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