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  4. Biting herself after a bath
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  16. Rash!!!
  17. Rash on belly
  18. Anyone experience with zits?
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  20. Staph/Biomox
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  25. Scab on neck/chest area
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  29. Dry Skin
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  32. Plant Based Fungal Infection
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  34. hedgehog sweat
  35. Lots of red bumps
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  37. Staph infection and biting...
  38. Hedgehog Biting Self For 3 months
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  42. Quill loss but not mites.
  43. Dandruff
  44. Pimple looking thing on Hedgies Butt?
  45. Idiopathic Dermatitis?
  46. losing hair/fur!
  47. Hedgehog Self Mutilation
  48. scratching & dry skin & wounds
  49. Nose cut- scar
  50. Hedgehog pimple/wart?
  51. Skin infection? (pic)
  52. Hedgies skin looks strange (Pic)
  53. Infection under tail?
  54. Itchy but it's not mites or quilling....
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  56. Dandruff/Dry skin, AND hair shedding?
  57. Blood Blisters?
  58. Scratching and Biting Herself
  59. Hedgehog itching because of new bedding
  60. Help please!
  61. What causes ringworms on skin*?
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  66. Has anyone seen this before? (new mom)
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  70. Biting stomach?
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  72. Pink Belly
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  74. Sore/Wound Care
  75. Left Armpit Tumor
  76. Red sore on Hedgehog's forehead
  77. Red spots on skin, help I'm scared!!
  78. Several Issues
  79. Little red bump in mustache
  80. Red lump under armpit??
  81. Skin Care Products
  82. Dry itchy skin
  83. Bump? Mole? Tumour?
  84. Hedgehog Cyst?? Exploded?!!
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  90. Bump on hedgie's head
  91. Itching
  92. High altitude
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  95. itching, flakey skin, bumps
  96. White flakes on head
  97. Cyst or tumor?
  98. Black Gunk on Nose
  99. Flaky skin
  100. Pink skin
  101. Dry Ear Skin
  102. white bump on visor quills
  103. Itchy hedgehog
  104. itchyness, black spots and other health issues (can't go to vet)
  105. Vitamin E oil
  106. Dry Ears?
  107. sweet almond oil tantrum
  108. Dry skin. Help!!
  109. Antibiotics
  110. Baby hedgehog with dry skin
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  137. rash on body, swollen ear with a lot of ear wax, and skin tag looking thing by his bu
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  142. Oil in Food?
  143. Help! Any idea what could this be? mites? ringworm?
  144. What could it be?
  145. Help self-mutilation
  146. What seems to be ring worms spotted on my sow
  147. Are Dried Blood and Bare Spots on Butt Normal??
  148. Red, Inflamed Skin
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  150. Help please
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  160. please help mites or quilling??
  161. Soothing Spray
  162. Very Concerned!
  163. Small patch of dry skin
  164. Grooves on Hedgie Snout?
  165. Staph Infection...
  166. Help! Dry skin, not mites
  167. Question's regarding flaxseed oil softgels?
  168. Wound picking
  169. Is Hartz safe for hedgehogs?
  170. Extremely dry skin
  171. PLEASE HELP: peeling/raw skin, swollen feet, losing hair, hardened ears
  172. Need Medical Advice not sure what to do anymore
  173. help ! red spt on belly!
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  175. Soap
  176. Irritation after olive oil treatment?
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  178. Quill Loss + Dry Skin
  179. question about grapeseed
  180. Discolouration during mite episode
  181. Scratching Wound
  182. Quilling
  183. Dry Skin: What's worked for you?
  184. Small Growth on Ear
  185. Aloe Vera lotion
  186. Common Infections and Treatments
  187. Does he have mites or is it just his skin?
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  190. Dry Skin & Quill Loss
  191. Mites from one animal to another
  192. All Sorts
  193. Scratching
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  196. Scabs under armpits?
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  198. oatmeal baths
  199. Possible ringworm
  200. Self-Mutilation
  201. Flat dry band along skirt area
  202. Excessive Scratching
  203. Skin infection?!?! Yellow and puss.. Plz help ASAP
  204. Maybe a cyst?
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  207. Dry, Flaky, Skin?
  208. Dry Skin?
  209. Yellowish crud?
  210. itchy wheel
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  218. Cracking ears?
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  226. Dry flaky skin
  227. Bald patch on back
  228. De-wormer?
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  230. Is this skin normal?
  231. Red sore on Hedgie Vagina
  232. Skin Infection
  233. Dry Skin Quilling Flaking
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  235. Behavior after Revolution
  236. my hedgie has two red bumbs on his forehead?
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