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  1. Vet couldn’t get him to open up
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  5. How Long does it take?
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  17. Fleas
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  21. Emergency
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  28. not sure whats causing huge quill loss?
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  30. Help!!!!
  31. Mites or quilling
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  33. Revolution without RX?
  34. Scratching/Rubbing
  35. Using Triforce instead of Revolution?
  36. Help!
  37. How often do they get mites?
  38. Possible Mites (Mixed Symptoms)
  39. Where can I get revolution for cheap?
  40. How do I treat mites without going to the vet?
  41. Wooden objects?
  42. Overdose Revolution?
  43. Anyone want to split a 3-pk of Revolution?
  44. Preventing Mites?
  45. In the middle of Mite Treatment. Sooooo many questions
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  47. Should i be handling my hedgie while he has mites?
  48. Are these mites!?
  49. Is it possibly mites ?
  50. Losing hair and extremely dry skin after taking Revolution
  51. Mite treatment help? New Hedgie owner
  52. What is wrong?
  53. Imidacloprid Moxidectin
  54. How long after Revolution application should I wait to put my hedgies together?
  55. All the Health Concerns
  56. Hedgehog and her baby's have mites
  57. I think my boy has mites
  58. My hedgie is going mad.
  59. Ivermectin
  60. What do I do?
  61. Mites?
  62. Mealworms and mites
  63. Bath Time after Revolution and other Questions
  64. Ivermectin Goof
  65. Post-Mite Cleaning: How long and how intense should it be?
  66. Revolution: How long will it take to act?
  67. Revolution: Questions about dosage and placement
  68. Mites or WHS
  69. I need some advice on how to proceed
  70. Mite Questions
  71. Dosage Questions?
  72. How do they get mites?
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  74. Revolution problem
  75. Little Shelby is scratching a lot, could he have mites?
  76. What to expect after treating mites?
  77. Quilling or mites?!
  78. Q: Flea & Tick Shampoo
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  81. mites - species specific?
  82. How I got rid of mites naturally
  83. Skin help
  84. Scratching
  85. Bedding? Passing? Please help!
  86. what kind of bedding for mites?
  87. Reoccurring Mites
  88. Little grey bugs
  89. Is this mites?
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  91. Losing belly fur with yellowish dry skin in the end, mites??
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  94. Very itchy hedgehog
  95. How safe is F10 disinfectant?
  96. Quill loss, mites? Something else? Tips?
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  98. Which line is it?HELP!
  99. How to disinfect C&C cage after mites diagnosis
  100. I think my hedgehog might have mites??
  101. Is this the right one revolution??
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  103. Visor quills
  104. Trouble getting Revolution prescription filled.
  105. Can I order revolution
  106. Mites
  107. Confirmed, my Ziggy has mites. Question about revolution
  108. Help asap
  109. mites, 1 wk to vet appt
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  111. I just got her and I think she has mites?
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  113. Any GOOD experiences with Ivermectin?
  114. Mite treatment
  115. Treated for mites but still scratching
  116. Mites Treated
  117. Dilloted bleach?
  118. Mites
  119. Mites...or something else?
  120. possible mites
  121. No Mites... Just Mite...?
  122. Mites??
  123. Please help
  124. Freaking out for almost a day (NEED HELP ASAP)
  125. Mites or Something else?
  126. Freaking out
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  128. Mites
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  130. mites???
  131. New owner
  132. Mites or is this normal?
  133. Help! Dry skin or mites?
  134. Which Revolution product to purchase for hedgie mites?
  135. Besides wood shavings/bedding, how do hedgies get mites?
  136. Newbie owner panicking!
  137. Please help
  138. Bruising and Bleeding
  139. Quills growing in white
  140. Again...
  141. Cleaning after mites
  142. 1st time owner, hedgie w/ mites
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  145. Help!! Awful sores!
  146. Scratching
  147. Revolution without a prescription?
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  149. maybe mites?
  150. Invermectin
  151. question on mites and attitude
  152. are these mites? or something else? help please
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  154. Mites or Dry Skin?!
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  156. Diatomaceous earth?
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  158. bald patch?!
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  165. Shampoo/mites
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  167. My hedgehog has mites for the 4th time??
  168. Is it possible to catch mites/a mite infestation from your hedgie?
  169. Nervous...
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  171. Mites? Help
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  174. Fleas
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  196. Using Newspaper As Bedding For Now?
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  201. Questions and Concerns
  202. Anything else I can do?
  203. Should I Bathe Off Humilac Before Treatment?
  204. I used Adams Flea And Tick Shampoo
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  216. possibly
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  244. Diatomaceous earth
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  249. Ear Infection?
  250. scratching