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Default Re: Few questions for experienced owners

1) When using a liner, is it okay to have use CareFresh as a litter for a litter box? (I have been told that cat litter causes upper respiratory infections.)

For litter, you can use folded up toilet paper or paper towel (this is what I use). Carefresh is dusty, and if eaten it can cause a blockage which can result in death. Yesterdays News Cat Litter is really good, as long as the hedgie doesn't eat it (most don't).

2) Is it better to get a bigger wheel (CSW) or a smaller, yet big wheel (CSBW)?

Both those wheels are great! Both wheels are good, but Larry recommends the CSW for hedgies over 600grams. I personally bought the CSW, just in case I ended up with big hedgies. The thing with the CSW, is if you use a C&C cage, you need to modify the top/roof to fit. If you use the CSBW, you don't have too.

3) How often should I feed my hedgehog food? Also, how many table spoons should I put in the bowl?

This is a "every hedgehog is different" kind of thing. Unless you hedgehog gets over weight, you should free feed, meaning feed as much as she/he will eat. In the evening, before the hedgehog wakes up, put new food in the bowl. When you're trying to figure out how much s/he will eat, do this:
Put 60 kibbles in the bowl, the next night, count how many are left, and right down how many are left. If none are left, add 10 more kibbles. Do this for a week, making note of how many are left each day. Take the maximum number s/he eats, and add 10 kibbles, and that's the amount you will feed each day. For example:
Sunday: 57 kibbles eaten
Monday: 53 kibbles eaten
Tuesday: 55 kibbles eaten
Wednesday: 61 kibbles eaten
Thursday: 51 kibbles eaten
Friday: 59 kibbles eaten
Saturday: 59 kibbles eaten
So in this case, you'd feed about 70 kibbles, because the maximum s/he ate was 61 + 10 or so.

4) Which method of heating is the most effective in your own opinion?

In my opinion, a ceramic heat emitter is the best heating option. A space heater can be tipped over, which will can cause a fire. They are expensive, you need a ceramic heat emitter, dome, thermostat, thermometer. If you have a large cage, you'll need more then one. Heat mats don't heat the air, so they shouldn't be used alone.

5) The Hedgehog Complete isn't a good food. You want to feed high quality cat food, preferably in a mixture of different types of cat food, of different "flavors". You want:
Protein: 29-33%
Fat (under 6 months): 20%
Fat (over 6 months): under 15%
First ingredient: Real meat (chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, etc)
Second ingredient: Real meat or meat meal (chicken meal, turkey meal, duck meal, etc.)
No corn, No wheat, No by-products, No nuts, No raisins.
There is PLENTY of information on here about all of this.

I don't know where you read about the Hedgehog Booster, but I've never heard of that. If you feed proper foods, you don't need supplements.
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