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Question itchyness, black spots and other health issues (can't go to vet)

so yeah i'm new, both here and with hedgehogs

i got Huxley just 2 days ago and maybe it's just me being paranoid but i noticed some things off place. please take into account that there's no vet for hedgehogs where i live. yes, having one in this conditions may be irresponsible, i know. that's exactly why every little detail worries me.

Huxley is 2 months and a half, male. the beeding he came with was pine shavings. i know this all may be mites, but idk if all this symptoms can enter in that. his nails are very large, i plan on cutting them soon.

1. he's been itchy as **** since i got him into the cage i made for him. the beeding he has right now is newspaper pages.

1.5 i think he scratches his left eye a lot and this made it a liiiitle bit irritated.

2. his skin is dry, i think. i've seen pictures of it, but i don't know if i can fully identify this. i will post photos of it down bellow.

3. there's a spot in the middle of his face that looks like it has no quills in there. i don't know if maybe new ones are growing there or what, but it worries me.

4. he has some weird black spots on his legs and tail. they look just like a weird big freckle. i feel like it may be something normal for them, but i haven't seen anything like that in any pictures so i don't know. photos down bellow.

5. his face looks really, really dry. photos bellow.

6. he's been sleeping all day and big part of the night, i wasn't asleep when he woke up in the middle of the night but i know he did by the messier looks of the cage. i was worried and i wanted to make a feeding schedule, to make a routine, but it was around 10:30 and he still didn't woke up. I woke him up and he ate some, then i took the photos and he went almost directly back to sleep. i know this one may be just me being paranoid.

please, please answer. is there's anything wrong with him?? i don't want to keep being worried not even knowing if there's an actual reason for this.

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