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Default Flaking dry skin with increased quill loss (post vet visit questions)

Our hedgie has had super dry and flaky skin for the last 3 weeks or so, which has gotten worse with increased quill loss over the last week. We've tried vitamin E/ olive oil rinses and giving her flax seed oil with her food couple times a week, but nothing helped.

We took her to the vet today and he thinks it's dermatitis, probably caused by an allergic reaction to something. He gave her a steroid shot and said she should be better by tomorrow. He did do a mite test and it was negative. He recommended that we stop bathing her with aveeno baby wash or any other products including vitamin e and olive oil and just rinse her with water when needed and that we use hypoallergenic laundry detergent for her stuff...

So I'm trying to figure out what she could be reacting to. We've had her since December and have used the aveeno baby wash since. She's on fleece bedding, which we wash weekly. We don't use detergent or dryer sheets, just hot water, when we wash her bedding or towels that we use for her. We actually never use dryer sheets even for our own laundry so there's no possibility of leftover stuff in the dryer. We do use wool balls with a drop of lavender essential oil for our laundry (not hers) so she could have came into contact with that I guess. She lives in our spare bedroom and we keep the door closed almost all the time so the dog doesn't go in there and so that her exposure to stuff in the air (candles, cleaners, etc.) is minimized. We rarely use bad chemicals to clean. We try to use environmentally safe products as much as possible and we never use anything like that in her room. We wash our hands and stuff when we handle her and don't use anything bad when we have her out. We feed her taste of the wild cat food with mealworms and wax worms as treats and occasionally some wet cat food. (The vet suggested we use zupreem hedgehog food instead of cat food but I kind of expected him to not agree with the food based on what I've read on here).

Any ideas what she may be reacting to? Are we not doing something right?

Thank you in advance!
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