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Default Dry / Flaky Skin Solutions

My little Princess is a recent addition after securing her from a home that didn't treat her with love. I've taken her to two different vets and I'm about to expand my hunt for a better vet to several hours from home to figure out what's going on with this little girl.

Here's some info on her issues
- Dry / flaky skin, leaves flakes everywhere
- Marked quill loss, can drop 15+ in one cuddle session on the couch
- Minor fur loss when out and about

All of her quills have the bulb at the end of them and zero movement when examining the flakes on black fabric. I've also only seen her scratch herself twice in the two months I've had her. My other hedge who has zero symptoms though they have shared common areas like the play pen. This and her vet visits lead me to think that mites aren't the issue.

Info about her
- 11 months old
- Fleece liners
- Eats / drinks plenty
- Doesn't seem distressed or bothered by the issues

Things I've done to alleviate her symptoms besides vet visits
- Oatmeal and olive oil baths
- Flax seed oil supplementation

Currently taking a break from bathing outside of foot baths to see if there is any improvement in her condition.

I've read extensively online about the issue since I'm still looking for a competent vet in my area and a large amount of postings mention relief with Humilac. Does anyone know of a replacement or alternative for Humilac since it's no longer available?

I'm hoping to hear some thoughts, input, and product suggestions.
I'm not going to put anything that would coat her skin like applying flax seed oil topically until I find a decent vet and rule out a skin infection. Neither vet saw reason to test for an infection which made me lose confidence in them and is pushing me to find a new vet altogether.
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