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Default Re: How often do you handle your hedgie?

I'm not working, so enjoy the luxury of having Sumo out with me for the better part of the day.

I wake him at 11 or so to weigh him and counsel him on eating his veggies, too. Then he usually sleeps on me while I read and will later meander on his own to a spot on the couch and pretty much stays there until I move him. At 9pm or so, I wake him up to cuddle him for an hour before taking him to his home to hunt crickets!

Our place (one bedroom apartment) is hedgie-proofed, as much as we can anyway, so if he DID decide to go exploring on his own, he'd be safe. If he seems antsy and can't settle down, I take this as a sign he wants to go back into his home.

I used to do much the same with Snarf and every morning I ouwld put him on the floor and let him decide where he wanted to sleep. It was so awesome to see him wander around the livingroom...then the bedroom...then back into the livingroom before finally settling on the bed. He would scurry around looking for a way up. I would put his hedgie bag down and tap it - he knew this meant 'come stand here...this is your elevator'.
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