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I am one of those who feeds a more 'natural diet'. When I had Snarf in to see the vet three months ago, the vet suggested cutting down on kibble for the health of his liver, as well. I changed Snarf's diet to reflect that advice and am also changing Sumo's diet slowly.

This is what Snarf would get on a typical night. Snarf was only 300grams and an avid runner, so keep that in mind. Sumo will be getting less fat overall as he is a BIG boy:
- 10-12 crickets (depending on size) - much lower in fat than mealies
- 3-5 mealies
- 1 tbsp either canned catfood/babyfood or cooked meat
- 1-2 tsp of veggies/fruit (only a third of this is fruit at the most)

Some ideas:
- gutload then freeze crickets to make them easier to handle. I hide them throughout the cage so Sumo has to hunt for them
- cook and freeze veggies on a cookie sheet, then put in a container - makes it easier to break off pieces
- ditto for canned/babyfood - i freeze dollops on a cookie sheet covered in plastic wrap, then I can break off chunks

Feel free to PM me if you want more info!
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