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Default Oscar's a big boy? :O

Hi there,
I took Oscar to the vet last Thursday morning and he weighed in at 317... that's about 100 grams weight-gain since I got him on May 21st of this year. My vet said he's leaning towards becoming overweight at this weight... but I thought some hogs could get up to 400-500 and not actually be overweight, just big hogs?

Oscar doesn't seem to be getting overweight... although he does look considerably bigger than when I first got him, I think that's only natural. He's a healthy, growing boy . There's no fat pouches on his legs/thighs that I can see, and I'm pretty sure he can still roll into a full ball. He never does that anymore though because he's so friendly, although he almost did with the vet.

I read a thread maybe a month ago about a few owners who have their hedgehogs on a more natural diet. The vet said that we don't want to put hedgehogs on a long-term cat food diet because it can really damage their livers. He told me to start including a lot more insects (which Oscar has never liked before ><) and a lot more veggies and bits of fruit, basically putting him on a more natural diet. He said I should start out by slowly cutting the cat food down by half and supplying more veggies/insects and then eventually cutting the cat food down to only a third of his diet.

I was wondering what are the vegetables you feed your hedgie(s) daily and if there's any insects that would be okay as a sort of staple/every night food. I know mealworms and crickets are high in fat, but are there any others? I don't fancy crushing or cutting off the heads of superworms.
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