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A rheostat is basically a dimmer. So the heater is always on but you can control "how bright the light is" or how hot the emitter gets. This is a bad choice. You really want a controller which is basically a thermostat just like the one for your home heating. You set the controller at a certain temperature and the controller turns on and off the emitter to keep the temperature at the probe at the set temperature. So in my case my probe is on the inside of the cage at the bottom by the floor of the cage. I set the temperature at 75 and the controller keeps the temp of the cage between 74.5 and 75.5. Zoo-Med's repti-temp 500 r is a good choice and Zilla has a 500 watt model as well as a 1000 watt model. I have the latter with a 150 watt emitter. It works absolutely perfect. A temperature controller is definitely the way to go.
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