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Default Play Pens!

I looked in both Housing and accessories, and Toys and I couldnt find a thread for these.
We went to the city yesterday and I was looking for a saucer wheel...which no one had. BUT! I did discover a nifty contraption. It's a play pen, I dont know if any one else uses them? The one I have is metal and high enough to hold rabits and the bars are small enough not to let mice through. Its also fairly heavy so its not like hedgie and use toilet paper tank to push the pen around the floor! It folds up easily too, and easy to store! I think its great haha

Luna is obsessed with her play pen. She wasn't so sure about it at first, but once I added her wheel, a wad of tissue paper, a couple tubes and a box it was one heck of a crazy hour. I had her in the pen while I cleaned her cage but she literally cried when I tried to take her out after that. A really loud squeaking, snuffling and clicking cry. No quills being poofed out, I thought she was hurt at first lol She gets excited when she sees me even move the pen folded up. She even ran in her wheel while in the pen!!! Which is amazing for me, she hasn't touched for what, must be three months or so?

SO! haha I recomend getting a play pen, if you dont have one already. It makes cleaning cages easier, instead of trying to get someone to babysit or putting hedgie in a box. It's also great if you have chores to do but still want hedgie with you, I put her in the kitchen while I do dishes lol And for homework or things like that. Plus it makes a great divider between Luna and other pets. The cats would follow her when I had her out occasionally, now they can only sit and watch and they get bored of that after 5 minutes or so

Get on it people :P Play Pens!!
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