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yes thanks. I can't believe this person. It is really just terrible for the animals and for the people who love animals. I posted an ad "free information about hedgehogs!" haha. It was bothering me too much.

Hello! I am providing FREE information about hedgehogs, realistic expectations and care, and other important information. Your information will be coming from me, and I will not be trying to sell you anything (let me rephrase that, i'm not selling ANYTHING). I'm very concerned for you, the potential buyer of a hedgehog, and being mislead about how to care for, handle, raise hedgehogs. Especially baby hedgehogs. Please, before you plan on buying a hedgehog do your research. If you want fast & easy information from someone who owns, loves, and understands hedgehogs feel free email me. Email is the way to contact me because I have so much information that writing it out will be best AND it wont uses minutes on my cell phone I will get back to you ASAP tonight (7/6) and by tomorrow evening if you write after 11 p.m. (7/7) Seriously, there are some people on here who are really just looking to make money...and I don't want you to have to deal with the heartache because you didn't know the details that some who sells them might leave out. Thanks.

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