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wow nice. I just read your email too. I can't believe that. How has the mother hedgie survived?? What a stupid and selfish person. What is amazing is there is a TON of hedgehogs for sale on KSl right now. It doesn't seem like anyone is buying them at the moment anyway. I can't believe she won't take you up on your offer. I totally back you on posting an ad WHy they shouldn't buy the babies. I was just brainstorming ways I can imply that without her being able to justifiably flagging me which could result in me getting kicked off ksl. I was thinking about something along the lines in the information just suggesting that life expectancy of a hedgehog that is less than 5 weeks old to survive without a mother is slim to none, and anyone expecting to save them for any amount of money will be very sad by the outcome and the selfishness of the individual trying to pawn them off for $100 a pop.

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