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Default Hedgehog digging herself and creating sores

Last night my hedgehog very suddenly ran out of her house making a sqeaking noise. When I looked in on her, she was very agressively digging at her underbelly and rolling on her back in an attempts to get at whatever was bothering her. She was obviously distressed but was still willing to eat mealworms which would calm her down for a short time. We removed her from her cage in case her bedding was irritating her and I could still hear her biting, spitting at herself (same noise as when she eats her mealworms). Eventually she fell asleep and several hours later we returned her to her cage sans bedding and just a towel and old tshirt. This morning she was running on her wheel and seemed pretty normal but had a visible open sore right on the inside of one of her front legs. We have been using the Carefresh pet bedding since we got her almost a year ago (the dye-free rougher variety) and I have read this should not bring on mites. We also have no other pets. Any ideas??
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