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you're not being rude, I totally agree I have spent a bunch of money on going to the vet only to have them kinda shrug it off like "eh idk but I'm still gonna take your money" and him not be treated at all and it's really horrible:/:/

I'm going to find a new vet asap and take him but I just wanted to know if anyone had experienced anything like this before

also thats what I was thinking about his ear too but the vet that took a sample out of his ear said the stuff that came out was like hard or something? that it wasn't very liquidy so idk if it can be drained. She said she could amutate it but I didn't want to do that unless I had to, if it was causing him pain versus it just being an apperance issue but she didn't tell me anything really about it so I'm basically no further ahead than before I went:/
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