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I've been to two different vets about his ear and the skin tag thing and the first one (just for his ear as he didnt have it at this point) took some fluid stuff out of it and sent it away to be tested and it came back inconclusive and she didn't do anything else about it and that was super expensive so that was a huge waste of money

the second vet I went to I went more about his skin tag and they said they could remove it but thats about all they could do and my mom wouldn't let me do it because of all the money I had spent on him before only for it to be pointless so nothing happened there either except he gave me medication to give him incase he did have mights (he didnt actually check) and I gave it to him but it didnt change anything about the state of his ear or anything else

I havent been to the vet yet about the rash looking thing which is new but I am trying to find a new vet who will actually be able to help me and cares enough to not rip me off by making me pay all this money for him to still be like this:/:/
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