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Default Help please im a new hedgehog owner, i think my hedgehog might be trying to hibernat

This weekened i was giving my hedgehog a bath like i normally do, i use johnson baby shampoo, toothbrush, i set her in the bath tub with luke warm water (i use my wrist to test to make sure its not to hot for her) when i was cleaning her quills with the baby shampoo she was drinking the water around her which had the soap in it. After the bath i took her out like normal and dried her with a towel like usual, then after i set her in her cage and she did eat a little and then she laid down and went back to bed (shes very active during the night not the day) I didnt come home until the next morning, and saw that her heater was on low (70 degrees) when i noticed her behind her wheel sleeping instead of in her trunk, she was laying open on her stomach (quills facing me) and as i picked her up she didnt hiss like she normally does when being picked up for the first time and she also curled into her ball and wouldn't uncurl at all, normal shell hiss and kinda huffs and moves then shell start to open a bit but she didnt this time. I held her and put her in front of a heater for a few min and also turned the heater to 75 degrees to warm the room up to 75, then i placed her back in her cage underneath a **** in her trunk. She also hasnt eaten or drank any water since after her bath. Please help im very scared and worried about my hedgehog.
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