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Default Dry, red and itchy skin!?

I've only had my girl Lexa for about 3 or 4 weeks now and they told me that she is 3 months old when I got her. Earlier tonight while I was washing her feet from stepping in her poop, that the sides of her body are red. Not on the part with the soft fuzzy hair but right where the quills start, so of course being a new hedgie mom, I get nervous and start to look up what's going on. So I take her in my bathroom and start looking at her skin through the quills, it does look dry but I can't tell if it's mites are not! She has been itching quite a bit lately but only when she's in her playpen running around (a website said it is what they do while exploring???) but now I'm a little concerned with the redness I saw. I haven't noticed her losing any quills though!? Should I try moisturizing her skin before I make a vet appointment to see if that helps or should I take her to the vet tomorrow??
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